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Authentic Umbrian Company

As previously said, that of bringing fresh truffles all over the world is our prerogative, but over time this needs a method, which allows us to guarantee the quality of the product in the catering sector or towards the final customer. this system is characterized by tasting evenings that allow us to convey and make our product known by experts in the sector.

Our Collection

The truffle is harvested in our territory, the Umbria region and throughout the Italian soil, this is to always guarantee a quality product, since the truffle of Italian origin remains an excellence with the made in Italy brand, the climate and the soil a giving the delicious underground mushroom a more intense aroma and taste than other truffles from other areas.

Then in particular Umbrian truffles are considered an elite when it comes to quality.

Truffle Experience

Our company offers the opportunity to visit our area through guided tours, to teach visitors the whole story behind the truffle harvest together with our team of experts and collectors from the area.

50 kg
of Truffle
Truffle Hunter
Truffle Grounds

Our Truffles

White Truffle

The prized white truffle has a fruit-bearing body with a globular and uneven shape, which differs according to the degree of softness of the soil.

Precious Black Truffle

Nero Pregiato is an underground fungus that grows in symbiosis with the roots of various types of trees and prefers calcareous, permeable soils with good exposure to the sun.

Tartufo Nero Uncinato

The Nero Uncinato matures from September to December, mainly in the woods, in very shady areas, characterized by clayey soils, rich in water and humus.

Tartufo Bianchetto o Marzuolo

The bianchetto truffle, in a certain sense, is the exact opposite of the black summer truffle: its intense, distinctly garlic-like aroma, appeals to enthusiasts, used wisely in the kitchen.

100% Italian

Our truffles are exclusively Italian. Specifically, we have 65% from Umbria and 35% from Other Regions.

100% Fresh

Tasting truffles has sound principles. We have the desire to export fresh truffles and their products all over the world.

8 Years of Experience

Our headquarters are located in the historic center of the city of Umbertide. We have been working with truffles for many years.